Monday, February 1, 2010

A Weekend in Carmel before Round 3

We did make it for a long weekend in Carmel. We enjoyed our favorite things....hiking Point Lobos, Wagon Wheel breakfast, cocktails at Spanish Bay at sunset. It was a healing weekend in every way. John's mouth sores improved every day and the change of scenery did wonders for all of us.

John was admitted on Thursday for his third round of High Dose Methotrexate. We were surprised that his counts were high enough to start on time. We are so fortunate to have our niece Allie staying with us for the month. She has jumped in to our daily schedule helping with pick ups, meals, etc. She will also be teaching the kids to play piano while she is here. My sister Melissa has come up as well to give me support at the hospital. (A HUGE thanks to NM for picking her up - above and beyond) Mike and I are so lucky - we are not doing this alone!

We spent the four days in the hospital keeping John busy. Melissa learned the dice game of Farkle and lost a lot of money to John. John now enjoys putting money on every game we play. He has become a gambling man - and a very rich one! His spirits were lifted as he watched CAL beat UCLA, and he will LOVE seeing them in first place when he checks the Pac 10 standings this week. I had fun seeing him watch the movie ET, which was one of my favorites as a kid. Every time we've been in the hospital and they put the oxygen light on his finger, I always call him ET -- now John actually gets why. We were released in record time again on Sunday morning.

John continues to have a great attitude. As a mom, I keep imagining that it must be getting old. One night this week as we were going to bed, he said, "Wouldn't it be great if they could cure cancer in a day?". Yes - it would! But for now we're doing it one day at a time.


  1. Johnny: Sounds like a great weekend in Carmel.
    Adam's the gambling man when it comes to poker.
    He now stops at Chumash on his way home from Cal Poly. Sounds like you're a bigger winner at gambling than he is. You are in our thoughts and prayers and you amaze us with what a trooper you are!!! Love,

    Candy, Roger and Adam

  2. Hi Johnny. This is Auntie Linda's 4th grade class in Anacortes. We just watched the basketball video 3 times!! Lincoln says, "It was AMazing!" Karma says "Awesome. Nathan "Sweet Shooting". Jacob says "nice climbing" We will check the blog out for more video :) We want to know what Miss Ricksen's IQ was on the IQ competition you sent her. ( I think we ought to keep it a secret :) From, Madison, Anja, Nathan, Lincoln. Joey, Ben, Karma, Ophelia, Lupe, Morgan, Kenny, Conner, Ryan, Blakely, Jacob, Jillian, Zoe, Elyse, Daran, Lauren, Trystan, Kiana, Kendall, Molly, MAx, and Miss Ricksen

  3. Hi John, Looked like a great time in Carmel. Keep those counts high. Your Mom and Dad are awesome. Thanks for the update.
    Paul Simo

  4. Hi John and all the Ricksens, You look like you had so much fun in Carmel. What a great escape in order to restore your strength and energy. So glad Round 3 was done in record time and you're home! You are amazing! You're in our thoughts and prayers everyday.
    Love, the Browns

  5. Dear John, I think those pictures are really cool. Thank you for taking me to the Academy of Science and letting me miss school and then read with Ms. Owens. It was fun. I missed you at the Valentine's Day party and hope you have a good time. Your bud, Reed

  6. Hi John, the pictures of Carmel look great, what fun!! It was great seeing you at school this week and please know that we think of you always and adore you endlessly!

    Love, the Haugheys

  7. Traci MillerFebruary 14, 2010

    Hi Guys, We always look so forward to your ever so positive blogs. You guys are all amazing. Mike, Paige and Nick saw Mike and the kids at the Cal game. Nick was so happy to see Johnny laughing and goofing around. Nick is ready for his "hooky" day with John so just name the day!! Hope to see you soon!!! ~Traci

  8. Hi all! We're so glad your trip to Carmel was a success. Everyone looks like they are having such fun. Isn't it amazing what just a few days away can do to raise everyone's spirits? We keep thinking of you each day...
    The Batmans

  9. Hi John and family,
    Love the Carmel photos and your recent update. I am so glad to hear that Johns third round went so well. Keep up that amazing spirit John. We are all thinking about you.

    Carrie, Mike and boys

  10. John:

    Amazing game on Sunday! To come-back and play on opening day and to go 3 for 3, and then to make the game-ending catch on what could have been a grand-slam, was only someone you could do.

    Stay fearless,

    Coach Dennis

  11. Hi John

    You are my hero! I went to high school and college with your dad. Last December I was diagnosed with cancer too. When I read your mommy's writing here, I see how much love can fo to heal and make us strong. Keep up the good work. I'll be following your lead.

    Beth Croom Sedway

  12. Svendsen FamilyJuly 08, 2010

    Hi John! We are so proud of you and happy that you have finished your last round of treatment! You are such a strong, brave, amazing boy and we wish you a summer full of laughs and fun! Look for something in the mail this week from us.

    Thinking of you all the time and sending love, The Svendsens